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About Us

Our Mission

To bring pleasure to consumers through our passion for excellent and responsible development, production, distribution and selling of outstanding quality alcoholic beverages.


Our Values

Passion - we are passionate and proud about what we do both internally and externally.

Commitment - we work hard and believe in what we are doing – we do not let people down.

Integrity - we do what we say we will do, are open and proud of our brands and business and are fair and reasonable to all parties involved with ICB.

Focus - we are clear about what we are doing and focus on the key business priorities. We set clear objectives and goals as well as measuring our performance, making changes as required.

Accountability - we are empowered to make decisions, take responsibility and are accountable for delivering results.


Our Critical Success Factors

Consumer Understanding - clarity on who drinks our products and why, as well as identifying trends and providing the number one alternative to international brands.

Customer Focus - understanding our customer’s strategies and how we can support success by being quick and responsive to opportunities.

Quality & Service - producing outstanding quality products and high levels of service to all our stakeholders.

Environment - respecting our environment and being ruthlessly efficient in our use of all of our resources.

People & Motivation - valuing all our colleagues, promoting a strong team ethic, evaluating performance, rewarding success and making ICB an enjoyable place to work.