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About Us

Our Mission

From our passion for delivering quality and excellence in all that we do, we delight in providing award winning products, services and world-class customer satisfaction to bring pleasure to people.

Our Values

Respect - we respect all those around us and treat people with humility and as equals.  We listen to others, value the contribution of others and care for others.

Passion - we delight in all that we do as seen in our collective beliefs, dedication, ambition, determination, personality and sense of enjoyment.

Teamwork – we are a united family which collaborates to provide each member with support, encouragement, trust, involvement and a sense of belonging.

Communication - we believe in providing simple, honest, relevant and clear messages and value candour, openness and approachability.

Quality -  we take immense pride in doing everything to the best of our ability through personal accountability, innovation, focus, honesty, integrity and professionalism.


Our Critical Success Factors

Consumer Understanding - clarity on who drinks our products and why, as well as identifying trends and providing the number one alternative to international brands.

Customer Focus - understanding our customer’s strategies and how we can support success by being quick and responsive to opportunities.

Quality & Service - producing outstanding quality products and high levels of service to all our stakeholders.

Environment - respecting our environment and being ruthlessly efficient in our use of all of our resources.

People & Motivation - valuing all our colleagues, promoting a strong team ethic, evaluating performance, rewarding success and making ICB an enjoyable place to work.